The Beer Agents are proud to introduce Gulpener Brewery to the Ontario market. Debuting with their outstanding Pilsner Chateau Neubourg

This Brewery hails from the city of Gulpen, Netherlands where water is drawn from local wells—12 degree Celsius, cold and clear, from 53 meters below the Limburg Hills, and practice sustainable farming. Making the best tasting beer from Holland.


More than a decade of true sustainability means more than gathering raw ingredients from local and organic sources, recycling water, re-using spent brewersÕ grain as animal feed, and helping support our regionÕs economy (though we do all of that, too). Sustainability at Gulpener comes down to placing value creation above profit creation. We brew our signature beers for the world to enjoy, while at the same time protecting the things closest to our heart and home: our employees, the local farmers who grow our grains, the land that feeds our business and the 500-year old subterranean wells from which we draw our water. This is high-quality meets low environmental impact in the highest sense and we know you can taste it.